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How I Quit a $600/month Starbucks Habit

If you know me, (most of you do), you know that I love Starbucks and have been a patron for nearly 15 years. I can't even extrapolate the amount of money I've spent over that time but surely it's in the 30-40k range which is absolutely obscene.

The last few months I was really pushing it by visiting Starbucks 3-4 times a day. I'd end up spending $20/day easy without even blinking. My caffeine consumption (mostly espresso) ranged anywhere from 10-15 shots/day not counting the gigantic Trenta green teas that I was so fond of. Let's face it I was an addict of mass proportion.

I had noticed in December that I was having a lot of GI issues after I had my first 5-10 shots, a sure sign that I was overdoing it. I was stressed out, anxious, tremoring, and barely able to sleep. My focus was shit, I was aggressive, and I'm pretty sure I experienced daily adrenal fatigue. I talked to my doctor about this and he said that if I don't quit I'm going to stress out my heart and decrease the quality of my health. He said to limit it to one cup a day, I was honestly scared shitless.

When I enact change it's usually pretty drastic, so one day I decided just to go cold turkey. This lasted approximately 36 hours before I was sick as hell, angry, and vomiting. Apparently caffeine withdrawal is a real thing. So the next morning I started out drinking 6 shots, then 4, then 2 3 days in a row. I held onto 2 shots for a couple more days then just quit. Absolutely zero withdrawal by tapering properly. I had done it, I was caffeine-free!

It's been about 22 days since I had my last espresso shot and I can say at first I was a bit tired even with improved sleep patterns. I felt foggy and in a daze but it slowly improved. Now 22 days later, I'm much more calm and relaxed. I can actually focus. My anxiety went from a screaming 10 to a jittery 4-5. My GI issues also resolved on their own. Besides improving my overall physical and mental health, there was a wonderful side effect. My bank account started to increase in balance. That $600/month I was drinking is now back in my pocket being saved for a rainy day or whatever I choose to do with it.