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I Suck at Vlogging

So a month ago my blog which has a few hundred posts suffered a fiery, brutal death by an npm upgrade (thanks community!). Instead of spending 10 hours trying to fix it and recover I thought, hey let's vlog this will be more fun and have more traction and hopefully some meaning behind it.

Then I quickly realize that most people like to read instead of watching videos, at least the people that I'd prefer to reach. Not that I'm Hemmingway or anything like that but I'm decent writer and I enjoy the medium much more than trying to come up with some sort of fake bullshit vlog talking about my dog taking a poop in the yard or whatever. Besides, I'm not about that YouTube game anymore. I had a channel with 500k subs, took it down as it didn't hold an interest to me, over it.

Now back to blogging/writing where I feel most comfortable and my thoughts seem to pour on the virtual paper (plus I get to use markdown lol). I'm trying to find a backup of a lot of my posts but so far, I'm falling on my face so I guess this is blog 0 (programmer shit) and counting.

I gave vlogging an honest try multiple times and could just never get it where I wanted to be. I'm not Gary V. or Casey N. I'm just a guy that likes to write, share my life, and interact with interesting people.

My hopes are that I can provide value, learning experiences, or at least a chuckle here and there.

Signing out for now...