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When Illness Strikes

I NEVER get sick. Maybe, and just maybe, once a year if that and it's usually not a big deal. But starting Friday night my lymph nodes swelled up something fierce and I ended up becoming sick as all get out. I somehow made it to work (ok, let's face it, I'm remote so I just need to pull the laptop into bed) and got a bit done but had to tap out.

I know my team will do well without me, as they are all badasses, but I really enjoy being there for them, or at least being available. But at the same time I realize that I'm useless to everyone if I'm fighting Ebola. Ok, so I don't have Ebola, but Influenza and a nasty bitch of a case at that.

Today I mustered up the strength to eat, hydrate, and make a trip to get checked out. Confirmed that I'm walking dead. I came back online after getting checked out and my team is like, "GO REST, WE GOT THIS". So I did, since I always tell them the same.

It really makes me reflect on how awesome my team is and how we care about each other in a meaningful way. Last month when I did the quarterly 1/1 reviews with my folks, one of the questions I always ask is, "Do you have any feedback for me, ways I can improve, something I can provide you?". Everyone had nothing but good things to say except all of them said, "You need to stop working on your days off or when you're sick". Even my founder is concerned about that and has mentioned it a couple of times.

I'm not obsessed with work or a chronic workaholic, but I do have a strong work ethic. You see, we grew up poor, I mean really poor. To the point that some days we didn't eat and went bankrupt two times. I always told myself that no matter what I do, I'd work my ass off even if it kills me to avoid not having resources and a roof over my head. When I had my first job (under the table) at age 13 I had this work ethic, instilled in me by my father who was a machine. Ever since then that's been how I roll. Sure, some days I slack like everyone else, but for the most part I'm a 24/7 machine.

Approaching 41 this month, I'm realizing that I'm not a teenager anymore. My immune system is compromised, I'm not in great shape, and I really need to start taking care of myself if I want to see 50.

So I'm taking the advice of my team/founder and taking a day off tomorrow to recover.

A wise man once told me, "Health is your greatest wealth".

Now excuse me while I crawl back into bed.